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"Get Your Bass On!" is an Instrumental lead Bass version of "Get Your Fight On", from the Suicidal Tendencies E.P. release date March 9th.

Besides the Album version of "Get Your Fight On" and Ra's bass version, there's also Dean's Guitar Instrumental version "Get Your Shred On!" and a semi acoustic version called, "Get Your Right On!" which features Travis Barker on drums.

So four completely different versions of the "same" song. Just as in life, there's always more than one way to do things. Find the way that you like, love, believe in and do your thing. There should never be something wrong with following your heart and your dreams. It's your life. Fight to make it the best you can. You have more options then you think, but none without effort.

So without further adieu, HERE'S  the end of the "Get Your Bass On" Featuring Ra "Chile" Diaz.

Camera: Ignacio Galvez & Cris Cazor Edit: Piero Medone & Cris Cazor

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